Keystone Success Story

Reuven Lerner

I teach Python the programming language to companies around the world. I've had my own businesses 1995 Yes 1995 It's about 2018 or so I've been selling video versions of my courses online. And I've been really frustrated and trying to sell these courses online. Because I know I have a good product people tell me it's a good product.

But just telling them it's a good product is not enough and even I knew from the beginning that was the case. I need to learn how to sell. I need to learn how to sell online, and I was just not very good at it.

I was okay. I was making some money from it. But I knew that people with shall we say worse courses were making way more money. And so I took a few courses, some of them live some of them online. I read some books on copywriting, but it was only when I joined Keystone that things really, really started to make sense click in my mind and give me the tools that I needed to really write much better sales copy and see where the problems were with my previous copy. 

So there are a few parts to Keystone that were well key number one was the Five Lightbulbs approach. It was obvious to me well, thanks to what I'd read and done over the years that you start off by saying where is your potential customer now and where will your potential customer be when they buy your product and they're successful?

But I didn't understand how to connect the dots in a way that was really compelling. And the Five Lightbulbs approach gave that to me, it showed me how I should write it gave me a checklist to see if I am really ticking off all these boxes, and it allowed me to write a little bit here a little bit there so that over the course of a multi mail series, people really weren't getting the whole host of a sales objections knocked down little by little.

Number two is the keystone approach includes the Keystone course includes regular video live video calls with Billy I must say she's a gifted instructor. He knows how to bring humor he knows how to bring metaphors you know that bring examples from the world of copywriting to you and to show you how it can work and how it can help you and then you have the people in the Keystone program who get to be your friends who get to be your partners and improving. I got to know about a lot of different businesses that I didn't even know existed. And we all helped each other to improve our sales writing to improve our copy and to improve our approach to our to our businesses.

Thanks to Keystone, and thanks to the Five Lightbulbs approach. I launched a premium product it's now September as I record this, I launched in June. I got a bunch of people to sign up. I have never earned so much from one product and my customers are happy when I asked them to check in with me and tell me what they thought. They love it. 

They are so happy to be a part of this course that I'm doing, indeed the 5 Lightbulbs and Keystone allowed me to connect my products and my services with people who really could benefit from it, and that kind of matchmaking is not so easy to pull off.

I'm extremely grateful to Billy Five Lightbulbs and Keystone including all of my colleagues in the cohort who really helped me get here, and I strongly recommend, if you've been selling online for a little while, and you want to juice up your sales, you want to really improve your sales game and level it up. Join Keystone join Billy, learn from him, and enjoy the benefits.

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