Keystone Success Story


Hi, my name is Mirta. I'm one of the owners of ViAGO, and we run behavior change and critical thinking courses. And for the longest time, marketing has been the bane of my existence. So I've done courses, I've done workshops, one day events. I've listened to TED Talks. I've read books. And I have learned a lot about marketing. Some of these events were run by the gurus of the marketing industry. So my knowledge is vast when it comes to marketing.

But they all failed to deliver on the how.

So I remember walking out of these courses or closing my laptop if it was a virtual event and being really pumped up and really inspired to sort out my marketing and I would go back into the office. And I don't know how many of you can relate to this, but I would be sitting in front of my laptop in front of what I call the white screen of death, because it would be a blank screen and the cursor would be there blinking at me, egging me on and getting on my nerves because I just didn't know how to get started.

I know what to do, but I just didn't know how to do it. I didn't even know how to get started. And I came across Keystone and I genuinely thought, "Do I sign up to another course? What's the point?" I jumped on a call with Billy. And I remember I just had one question for him, "How practical is Keystone?" And let me tell you, when I tell you it's the most practical course that I have ever done, we literally walked out with a physical marketing playbook that we could deploy to our databases.

Actually more than that, we walked out having learned the framework that I'm going to compare it to a sausage machine because I'm Eastern European. So that's quite a good metaphor for me. As long as you have inputs, which by the way**, Billy actually teaches you how to get the input, the how of the input, then you're guaranteed a valuable output out the other end.** And apart from the framework itself that Billy teaches, he actually also gives you different attachments to your sausage machine so that you can actually cause different effects with your marketing.

So in terms of how practical it is, it is by far the no BS marketing course.

So if you're anything like me and you really just need the how at this point, you will get the why and the what with Billy's course as well. But if you just want something tangible, then this course is definitely for you and I highly recommend it. So yeah, thanks Billy and I'll see you at the next cohort, because I'm signing up again.

Are you also looking for a marketing program that is practical? In Keystone, we don't just show you the what, but the how.

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