Keystone Success Story

Christy Brennand

Hey there. I'm Christy Brennand.

I am the founder of More Heartless Body, which is a premium weight loss program for women. And I participated in the last cohort of Keystone with Billy. And I wanted to just talk a little bit about some of the growth that I experienced in that program.

So in my world, as a business owner, there's before Keystone and after Keystone.

Before Keystone, I really struggled a lot with my marketing. I had the concepts and I understood the big picture, but I struggled to execute marketing in a timely fashion because writing was so difficult for me. I didn't really understand who I was writing to them and how to communicate with them in a way that would draw them to my program. And my biggest hold up was always coming up with ideas and then being able to write about those ideas in a way that made sense to my audience.

After Keystone, thanks to the five light bulbs and the process that Billy teaches and the cohort that we went through together, I gained a better understanding of who my real audience is.

I now have a marketing playbook that I refer to weekly, sometimes daily, that helps me really move forward my business messaging in a way that is spot on with my audience. And I really went from struggling to have ideas to always having a place where there are ideas to produce for marketing materials. And on top of that, they're not just random ideas, but they're actually ideas that move your audience from where they are at the beginning stages on their journey of wherever it is that you want to take them with your products and services.

And so for me, the five light bulb framework was really a remarkable shift in the way I thought about marketing and it enabled me to turbo charge my marketing efforts. So instead of struggling so much to get ideas out, I could simply go to the playbook that we created and understand each of the five light bulbs as they pertain to my audience and generate content that was meaningful and relevant for them.

In addition, what was really cool in this program is that when I started writing using this framework, I would get feedback every time I would send out an email. And in the past, I would send emails and either they were my monthly newsletters or they were just random emails that I would send out on occasion. And I never, I rarely heard back from people.

After Keystone, every single email I write, I get several people emailing me back and saying things like:

"Were you reading my mind? I can't believe these last few emails that I'm reading."

"You must be a fly on the wall in my house."

And "Tell me more about what you're doing. What you are writing about resonates with me."

So the feedback has been really incredible and it led me to a very successful launch recently.

And in addition to, of course, me being a better marketer with my audience, when I was in the cohort, I met a bunch of wonderful people and we're still friends. We still talk outside of the group and support each other and help each other with our marketing materials.

And then the other great thing about keystone is Billy is brilliant. And he's there for you when you need to run ideas past him or get stuck and was really a cheerleader for you as you go through the program and beyond. So what I would say about keystone is that if you have the opportunity to do it, do it, don't hesitate. It's a really remarkable framework and it's different from any other marketing trainings that I have done in the past -- and I had done a lot.

I have done all the big names from Ryan Levesque to Frank Kern, to everybody else you can imagine. And this simple framework that Billy teaches is a game changer. It will simplify everything for you and really allow you to connect with your audience.

Highly recommended.

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