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Announcing a new program for course creators looking to go big.

Build the marketing engine we've used to sell courses in over 50 niches.

Created by Billy Broas, who brings 10 years of experience marketing & selling online courses

Billy Broas sold his first online course in January 2010. The topic? A video training on how to brew your own beer at home.

That started it all.

Since then, he's advised course creators in over 50 different niches, crafting launches that have enrolled tens of thousands of paying students.

Billy & Tiago Forte met through one of Billy's group coaching programs. Thrilled with his results, Tiago hired Billy for private consulting. Together, they grew Tiago's Building a Second Brain course to consistent 6-figure launches and more importantly, made BASB a model of how to sell and deliver a premium online course.

Deciding to team up, Tiago & Billy re-imagined Billy's original coaching program. They asked themselves, "What will this new era of cohort-based courses need to be financially successful?"

The program you're reading about is the result.

Keep reading to learn more about how we'll help subject matter experts sell their online courses in 2021 and beyond.

Billy Broas (left) coached Tiago Forte (right) in growing his online course, Building a Second Brain.

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Meet some of the other top subject matter experts who have hired Billy to help create their sales engine

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YouTube Channel Growth

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Cinematic Design

Tamsin Henderson

Copy Kooks

Our mission is to help many more online course creators
achieve financial success.

The first round kicked off in January. We're going to accept a new batch of course creators in the Fall.

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